Vogue Fox Fashion Vanity Mirror with Lights (Rose Gold) – Perfect Bathroom Makeup…


Vogue Fox Fashion Vanity Mirror with Lights (Rose Gold) – Perfect Bathroom Makeup…

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  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Unlike most mirrors manufacturers that primarily make plastic components then buy the cheapest internal electronics to install in their casings, our manufacturer is primarily an electronics component manufacturer. The advantage is we can control superior internal electronics and means your mirror has the best quality components, it’s more sturdy, durable and the lights will stay super bright longer rather than just flicker and die after a few uses like the competition!
  • BONUS “Miroir de Maquillage avec des Lumières!” Be flexible with a Mini Purse Mirror, a $14.99 value by itself, totally Free! With less than 8 oz, let the portable small three panel folding cosmetic mirror lightup your style on the go. Just one click and the Heart-Shaped illuminated LEDs will be there to remind you that you’re Loved. Foldable so the mirrored panels won’t get damaged on short trips
  • BREAKTHROUGH! Dual Power Source. Battery operated for cordless and portable use with 4 AAA batteries, or electric powered by your favorite USB adapter. The problem with other wannabes is their short USB cords and use of hard-to-find replacements. Only our trifold mirror solves these big problems! How? By adding 50 percent to the standard cord length making it 3 feet long and using a universal Micro USB to USB cord you can easily reach your tabletop and replace a lost or damaged cord
  • NO-NONSENSE! Closeup viewing without the eye fatigue. Featuring 2x, 3x magnified tri fold panel plus bonus 10x magnification detachable suction cup mirror for when you really need a perfect make-up close up. With one side panel split into 2 quadrants the 2x and 3x magnification mirrors are just right and not too strong to create eye strain or make it too hard to see each side of the face like other mirrors that use eye-straining overly magnified side mirror panels. Bigger DOESN’T Equal better
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